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Bring traffic on a website is the most important thing and the first question comes in our mind that how to bring traffic on a website, what strategies we can apply to bring traffic on a website and how to beat the rival websites these kind of questions runs in our mind.

Digital marketing is very vast field there are many things to learn and apply, using a smallest and a single strategy in a good way can bring traffic on your website with the help of digital marketing and if you use all ways of digital marketing this will bring the huge traffic on your website.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization):-

SEO is one of the best option to get traffic on website, processes to bring traffic on website is organic. Two kinds of SEO first one is on-page SEO and the second one is off-page SEO. On-Page SEO is changes in website, use of best suitable title tag, meta description tag and meta keywords tag. Use of robots.txt file to allow and disallow Google bot. Create Google analytics account to and attach website to get the traffic details and link to Google webmaster account.

Off-page SEO is depending on submitting content on different websites with anchor text which may you call keywords. There are many different types of off-page SEO strategies where you can submit your content- bookmarking, directory submissions, blog posting, article submission, guest blogging, blog commenting, question and answer, video submission, image submission, forum submission, document sharing etc . Proper using of all these strategies can bring your keyword of website at the top of the page.

SMO(Social Media Optimization):-

SMO is the best platform for branding or promotion of your product and services. Today most of the people spend their time in social media and with the help of these platforms you can convey your message easily. Social media have the option to post your content with image and videos; this feature makes your work easy, because if your image or video catchy and attractive then you can grab your audience easily and after following you they will wait for further post. There are some platforms which is globally used by the users- facebook, twitter, Google plus, instagram, pinterest. Every platform user has different mindset so keep focus on it. There are some best days and time to post on social media follows the rules and makes more followers for your social media pages.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing):-

SEM is one of the platform by which you can get business easily this is the best option if you want fast business from your website. This platform is provided by the Google which is called Google adwords. Google adwords gives you the facilities to show your ads on the top of the Google page and for this Google take charge for every click which is done by the user. This is the only platform where you get business very fast but you have to pay to the Google for this. In the Google adwords you can promote your video ads, image ads, text ads and app promotion.

All above are the best options to promote the website through your desired keywords but SEO and SMO are the long term process once you get your followers or get the top position of your keyword on Google organically, then only you need to maintain that and this takes few effort. SEM is fast to gain business but this is paid once you stop your ad then you will be out of the game no ad no business.

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