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evergreen seo

In the area of digital marketing every one choose SEO first, isn’t this a big question for all. Yes, this is a matter to think and the reason behind this “SEO is Evergreen” in digital marketing. So a new website needs the SEO first. Without this the digital marketing of a website is meaningless. Google also recognizes first if a website has done its on-page SEO in the comparison of non SEO website.

The name SEO elaborates itself, [SEO (Search engine Optimization)]. This is the process doing on the website and then recognized by the Google search engine and its partner’s website. Recognizing by the Google search engine is the process which is called crawling. When your website gets new content then the Googlebot or spider crawl the website and its pages. The crawling is depending on SEO person that which page he wants to crawl.

There are two ways of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On page SEO

Off page SEO

The on page SEO is the changes in website and link website to the analytic account to track the visitor’s records. Adding website property in google webmaster account will give you the information about website errors, and linking with social media accounts provides the backlinks to your website which is very useful.

Natural and Organic

Search engine optimization is natural and organic techniques by which the website gets back-links. Getting backlinks from a natural and organic process which is also called off-page optimization. This process is free of cost; don’t need to pay anything, only it takes the time to rank.

Once back-links start to build, then a process starts to run in the background. Off-page optimization is doing SEO of per page for its keywords. And when you work on it, the keywords will reflect on SERP (Search Engine Page Rank). If these keywords go on the top position of the SERP, this will generate the leads and leads will convert into business. The benefit of natural and organic process SEO is building the back links for the website and once the back links are built, always remains.

Time Taking Process

SEO builds the backlinks naturally and in this process don’t need to invest money on it, but this process takes the time to build the backlinks and give the top position of website’s keywords in SERP( Search Engine Page Rank). Ranking on keywords depends on competition on it, if the competition is low and medium then it will take short time to rank but if the keywords have high rank then it will take a long time to rank, although low and medium competition keywords takes few efforts it also take enough time to reach the first page.

The difficult task is to make visibility high competition keywords in SERP (Search Engine Page Rank). Any SEO person can’t say exactly that when the keyword will visible in SERP while working on high competition for a website, and once this makes a single visibility do the best to pull it for the top position of google search engine and continue the process to stable that top position. Don’t think to leave the process once a high keyword rank in top position, it can disappear.

Always Running Process

Once an SEO is a start for a website then it should continue forever, if it’s keywords are visible on google. Stopping this process can lose the page rank on particular keywords. This may affect badly on the website; it will lose the traffic coming from that keyword. Continue SEO for a website if it starts once. Sometimes keywords take a long time to make visibility in google page rank due to the high competition, have patient it will rank. Beautiful things take the time to build.


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